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Jaqueline Hyde: Sensual Succubus (Hour Vip)

I had a really great time with Jax. 
She has a nice south side incall that was easy to find.
I gladly accepted a cold beer which went down smooth with a hot shower. Got me nice and loose for her talented hands to work out some kinks. Really good massage, then the sensual body worship where she kisses and licks your whole body had me grabbing the mattress and squirming. Then there was the ravishing she gave me after that, climaxing with Tool pounding out of the speakers. 
Fuck yes. Another beer and a lovely body scrub in the shower with her hand made concoction and I was melting.

Jax is funny, engaging, voluptuous and nurturing. I'm thinking next time I will request the Highway to Hell album because it fucking rocks and she definitely has a touch too much.

Go get worshipped.

My VIP Experience - Jaqueline Hyde

So this is going to be a late review, but it’s better to be late than never, so here it is. 

About 4 Fridays ago, I contacted Jaqueline Hyde to setup an appointment with her (I was very intrigued about her VIP Body worship session), she was very quick to response and before then, our appointment was set up within a couple of hours. 

I got to the location; it was quite nice, with lots of parking on the street. Once I got to her incall, I buzzed and she let me in. I was greeted at the door with her wearing a very lovely grey dress with black heels. She then escorted me to her room and we both sat on the bed to chat a little bit. She explained to me what the session was going to entail, and before then I hit the shower.

After coming out of the shower, she was wearing nothing but a bra and thong, both black in color. The sight of her ass bending over to select some music was a sight to remember. She has a very nice tattoo running down her right side. She then noticed me staring from behind and told me to lie on the bed. 

On to the session, She started off with her massage (Boy does she knows how to get the knots out). I never realized how much my body needed a massage (I always thought that massages are for people who are in pain or just in need of some adjusting, I was neither of that until today). She was relentless to getting all the knots and I can tell you that she really is a master in what she does. The massage itself can be slightly painful, if you have an extremely low threshold for pain, but for me it was just right, with the right amount of pressure being applied in the right area. As the session progressed, I had asked Jaqueline to remove her bra, she complied and off they went. The sight of her tits was amazing with pierced nipples. I was so into it that I attempted to pull down her thong to see the whole package; unfortunately she stopped me and whispered into my ear: “I’ll let you play later”. 

When she finally took off her thong; is when the body worship began. I personally never experienced such a feeling on my body before. Every movement was center around me with some gentle teasing, licking, and nibbling from the base of my feet to the back of my neck. The teasing was so intense that I made me want her even more, and I was itching to do so. 

On to the main course, as the body worship finished off, she flipped my over for some much needed attention to my little buddy. She proceeded by putting the condom on; and off she went with the CBJ. I held her hair up as it was getting in the way of her eyes. Her technique was quite different from what I have experienced from other girls; she does this thing with her tongue while at the same time increasing the suction around my little buddy, the feeling was indescribable, it was at the point where I thought I was going to give-up; fortunately, that didn’t happen. After the CBJ, she got on top and noticed that I was staring pass her at the mirror in front of the bed; I was enjoying the view of my little buddy entering into her. She didn’t allow me to enter her pussy gently; in fact she quickly entered in herself and rocked a bit before deliberately slammed me 3 times with the motion of going up and slamming down. I believe she wanted to get my attention, and boy did she get it. My eyes widen as our eyes locked and I told her to: “I want you to fuck the shit out of me”. Jaqueline smiled and began to answer to my demand.

I only lasted for 2 positions; we started off with cowgirl with her taking charge as she seems to enjoy slamming me hard (In a good way). The sound of her moaning and her pussy tightening in with ever thrust was amazing and the feeling itself was very intense, as it felt like I was her prey and she would stop at nothing until I was captured for her disposal. For me, Jaqueline was my first cougar (Hopefully, not my last). After, we switched to doggy-style; she told me to take charge; I answered by pounding her hard from behind as fast as I can. The view of her big ass bend over with her legs spread apart and her arms pushed up against the headboard was magical, from there; her moaning intensified. It came to the point where I was getting ready to release, so I halted everything to a complete standstill before slamming into her one last time. I believe she was not expecting it, as she answered with an “OHH” as her body rocked forwarded. I pulled out of her and she took care of the condom, to our surprise; it was half filled. I believe she really did a number on me, because this was the first time a situation like this had happened. 

We finished off the session with some pillow talk with both of us lying on the bed naked to catch our breath with what had transpired. We chatted about life and her industry. She had recommended other ladies for me to see. I was surprised and amazed that she was ever-so –willing to do that for other ladies, as it could potentially affect her business, but I came to the realization that she was a lady with a heart of gold; who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure the people she spends time with; does enjoy their shared moment together, as well as the caring nature of other people. She also reluctantly gave me pointers on what woman really like in bed (Things I will be using in the future). After the knowledgeable de-briefing we jumped into the shower together for her sugar scrub. The sugar was quite abrasive but not painful. She had covered my entire body with it before rinsing me off. After getting out of the shower and drying myself; I felt like I was walking on clouds, my skin felt like a newborn with no roughness. As we both got dressed, I asked about her incall as I couldn’t resist but to comment on the lovely setup with the abundance of tasteful décors ; she was kind enough to giving me a tour which was really nice, I especially like her rainbow skull canvas( Very unique). 

As I put on my shoes, I asked if she was willing to see me again, as I really enjoyed our session. She answered yes and gave me a hug before I walked out. 

Thank you Jaqueline for popping my cougar cherry, until next time we meet again.


Hour Visit 

Jacklin posted a while back on what makes a great session. I thought that it would be great to meet this attractive lady who is so interested in improving
After a bit of back and forth PMing the time was set. I arrived and pictures do NOT do her justice at all. Gorgeous guys-absolutely gorgeous.
Fair warning though, she takes no prisoners when it comes to her massage. She was finding the knots and working them out. No sympathy for the aches and pains here lol. I don't think I whined...much.
After she got me to flip I got a chance to look at her lovely figure and see the partly completed tattoo. Should be quite a piece of art when it's done.
The FS was all I had hoped for. Her eyes are so sexy and they twinkle with mischief.
$$.4 for full service including a lovely personalised sugar scrub in the shower to finish. I have to say that this was one of the best sessions in an MP. I will return.

Hour Visit

Seen Jacklin for an hour tonight.... Wow. I was kinda wanting to see her for a little while but haven't been very active in the hobby lately, I kept reading about her amazing massages and being a man that can appreciate a good massage and a fun time I am kicking myself for not going sooner. Super easy to set up, a wonderful friendly lady, the kind of friendly where you can tell the laughs and giggled and smiles are sincere. Hands down best massage I've ever got and her knowledge of the body translates extremely well afterward. Not really one to go into a big story of all events, but highly recommend... Left feeling light as a feather and free as a bird, haha and amazingly pampered. Treat her well folks she's a gem.

VIP Hour

The Jaqueline Hyde Experience: My very, very long overdue review

I have often intended to write this review, yet I usually find myself either lazy or distracted. However, after my most recent encounter with Jaqueline I don't think I could sleep knowing that I haven't shared the wonderful experiences I've had with this lady.

The first time I visited Jaqueline was well over a year ago when she was still at Elite Retreat. I saw her pics on their website and made an appointment. I was actually quite excited because I had come across Jaqueline's profile on a dating website/app at one point and I got the impression that she was quite feisty. Not to mention the sexy curves she showed off in her pics! I'd been to Elite a couple of times before this, so I was already fairly comfortable with my surroundings. Jaqueline managed to make me feel even more comfortable with her warm greeting. I was also extremely pleased about her choice in music; she likes hard rock music which is my preference as well. I opted for her VIP Session, and that has been what I've gone with every time I've visited her since.

One thing that Jaqueline has over every other provider that I've visited is her intense massage skills. She often advertises as offering 'Body Worship' and I have to say that's an accurate description! I like getting a hard, deep massage. Seeing a provider and getting off is great and all, but sometimes a guy just really wants to be pampered all around. The massage she offers is definitely a cut above in my books. Be warned though, be prepared for a little bit of pain if you have some bad knots or kinks. If you're not looking for something too deep then I would suggest letting her know ahead of time. I personally love it! And I always walk out feeling relaxed and refreshed. I really appreciate how she doesn't just work on the back and neck only; it really is a full body experience, starting from the feet and going all the way up to the head.

After the massage is when the 'VIP' portion comes into play. I've found that this part is also something unique that only Jaqueline provides and it is a very sensual experience. It's something I imagine passionate couples doing when they spend an intimate night at home together. She has me start by laying on my stomach and once again starts down at my feet. I'm not sure I can accurately describe her technique, it's a mixture between a soft kiss, a lick, and occasionally a hint of a nibble is thrown in. From my ankle, up to my butt, she paints my leg with these little kisses. She manages to find an amazing balance, providing just enough pressure as to arouse the skin with her contact, yet not quite delicate enough as to tickle too much. She goes up each leg, over my butt (not DATO though, she sticks to the cheeks), up my back, and then to my neck. By the time she sticks her tongue in my ear I'm usually rock hard and vibrating with anticipation. The skin is the biggest organ of the body and Jaqueline certainly uses this fact to her advantage. The slow, sensual tease is unlike anything else I've experienced. Between the great massage and the sea of body kisses, her 'VIP' and 'Body Worship' advertisements are extremely accurate.

Once she flips me onto my back she continues with her teasing kisses. The teasing usually ends when some Russian fun begins. She has a great rack, and she expertly uses them to get me going. She's almost finished me off this way on more than one occasion. Next she goes down there she gives me a great CBJ and BLS. I keep shaved and groomed down there, so I'm sure YMMV if things aren't as tidy. I think she was the first woman to lick just under my balls. My goodness was I missing out before that!

I can tell that she enjoys what she does; during the massage portion of her sessions she is very friendly and talkative. Although when she notices that I'm quiet and enjoying the massage she generally lets me be at that time. Another way that I can tell that she enjoys her jump is when she climbs on top after the CBJ. She makes some of the hottest moaning sounds and one always escapes from her lips as soon as she gets on top. She rides with enthusiasm and definitely does kegels. The first time I went for her session I didn't last very long; the sensual build up had me ready to explode by the time we started with the full service portion of the experience. Even though I've visited her numerous times since then and know what to expect, I still sometimes succumb to earlier than I hope due to overall amazing treatment. When I am able to hold out, we enjoy other positions and she seems to enjoy almost as much as I do. As I've visited her more the time we enjoy together has definitely become more passionate. I imagine that's probably quite standard though between any two people as they become more comfortable and familiar with one another.

Another nice component of what she has done for me is that scrub down she gives me in the shower. She makes her own 'sugar scrub', it's like an abrasive soap or something (I'm probably describing this inaccurately, so best to ask her if you're curious), and she would rub me down with it to get off old skin and such. Now that she is in a new location she has a much smaller shower than she did at Elite, plus we usually end up chatting our time away, so I haven't been scrubbed down the last few times. But I'm sure if I expressed the desire to have it done she would gladly accommodate my request. As a final part of the body worship she sometimes rubs some Japanese Mint Oil on any muscles that were sore before I came in. Be warned, it does have a cool burn to it so going out into the cold right after it's applied can be a shocking experience!

Overall it's hard to accurately say just how amazing a session with Jaqueline can be. Maybe I've neglected to write this for so long because I was waiting for the correct words to come to mind. In the end I figured that accurately describing what she provides would be the best way to go. From what I've seen during my time in this hobby, Jaqueline provides a unique session from anyone else. If you enjoy being the centre of attention and having every moment you pay for be a rewarding moment then I cannot recommend Jaqueline enough. Her VIP Session is $$$ for the hour, but I'm fairly certain that each session has gone a little over an hour, unless she had another appointment right after me. However, my last visit was only $$.5 for the hour. She said it was a seasonal price since this time of year can be hard on everyone's wallet.

Her new incall is in a nice condo downtown. I highly recommend giving her a visit. She has also done outcall for me as well, but I think that is only provided for people she has previously met. (Again, double check with her if you are interested.)

If you aren't sure who this review is about, here are some links to her Backpage ads and her profile here on CAF:

Will I repeat? Yes, I've done so about 10 - 15 times so far!

Vip Hour

Simply AMAZING: Jaqueline Hyde

I rarely venture out with the ladies but I have been reading posts and in particular following Jaqueline. I was really impressed by her pics and her reviews.

I decided to take a chance and connect with her and we did...quick to respond by text and very courteous.. felt an instant connection. Our schedule didn't necessarily match, but we finally got ourselves set up to meet for an hour. 

Easy to find her location rather upscale and I had asked her to wear a dress... ummm as that door opened.. she looked so ravishing...just like in her pics.. oooh the right curves on this lady.... but what impressed me was her personality and how we communicated. 

After a quick shower and some friendly banter, i started undressing her and let my lips explore her body (respecting her limitations... man was it difficult though )
She finally started off with a deep tissue massage... and wow...she is good... it hurts and she goes at it.. but so well worth it. Those hot oils and the massage.. simply amazing... not to mention the moves to the songs of Prince!!!!

Following the fully body massage and oiling me up in every possible area .. she turned me on my tummy and started letting her teeth, her lips and her body caress my of the most erotic and most sensual feelings ever....I thought I would she worked her way upwards....

The intimacy that followed after that.....mind blowing.. never been a fan of doggy... total new revelation (need more practice though)... not going into more details on this... it was pvt and intimate for us :)

The sugar scrub down in the bath after that and mint oil... just made this just an amazing experience.. and what made it the best is that this woman cares and looks after you.... I have been looking to find someone on a more regular basis... I think I am sold :) 

45 Minute Escape

Jaqueline Hyde, overdue review

My first post! I saw Jaqueline some months back after some time on the road. Contact was quick and Easy and if it wasn't for the rain, I would have arrived earlier. The pictures are her but by now she probably has some new ink. If you want a good massage, I would strongly recommend her. After a 15 hour drive she fixed me right up along with spoiling me with her body worship special. Had never even heard of such a thing and it was great. Got surprised with the use of her ample assets so that was it for me :) Quick shower together and off I went a happy guy.

Vip Hour

Review on Jacqueline Hyde

I mean to post this a few weeks ago after our encounter but Jacqueline was fantastic. Her personality made every minute worth while. We started off with a full body massage, she asked if I had any pain before we started and focused a little more on my shoulders once I mentioned that was where I was hurting. After the massage she continued with her special feature "body worship". If you have never experienced body worship before then you absolutely need to get in contact with Jacqueline and set some time for it. It was fantastic. We moved on to the main reason we all go to SP's and that was fantastic. I honestly don't have the words to describe everything in detail but she was amazing. We followed up with a sugar rub in the shower which made my skin silky smooth, I had to learn how to make it myself after I went home because it was amazing. Jacqueline is definitely the best in the city imho. Absolutely fantastic and I can't wait till I can get the time to make another appointment with her. She also has a badass picture above the bed at her I call location, which is a beautiful apartment btw, the entire experience was mind blowing.

Vip Hour

Jaqueline Hyde

Last night I contacted Jaqueline to see if she had time for a visit from me soon. I was lucky enough that we were able to come up with a short notice appointment. Got to her place and she was wearing the most incredible pair of jeans and a white sweater. Perfect:)) I could not have picked a more incredible choice. She offered me a drink and we talked awhile before I showered. After we talked more while she went to work on massaging every muscle in my back neck and legs. She covers all the spots, won't stop until they're fixed either. For a real legitimate effective massage Jaqueline is tops. Better than any true RMT I've seen. 

When I see Jaqueline I always come away with a music lesson. She a has excellent taste in music. It's a little heavier than what I typically listen to, just because I'm not otherwise exposed to it. I wanna get some of her music library. She is very knowledgeable about it. 

Jaqueline is a safe provider and we have lots of fun. Jaqueline's body worship is the most incredible erotic arousing play I can ever remember. She'll cover the entire body making you quiver paying attention to places you would never think like ankles and back of the knees. Building so much anticipation by the time we get to the main event I don't last long. 

Overall I'm extremely impressed with Jaqueline. Great clean fancy incall that's easy to get to and easy parking. Straight forward conversation she won't put on a persona which I really appreciate. Awesome music. Great amazing body. Could never forget the amazing true no holds barred get in there fix those muscles up massage. Best massages ever. 

Thanks Jaqueline I plan to be back much sooner.

Vip Hour

Jaqueline Hyde - She is amazing at what she does. Unique service but worth every penny. She does what she does and it is at an elite level. Body worship, massage, and I think just being in Her presence is good for one's body and soul. You'll probably learn a few things to help with civilian life too.

Vip Hour

Body Worship by Jaqueline Hyde

First time Im posting on the board but she deserves a shout out for being honest on her page and incredible in person. 
I was in Sherwood Park before winter and had the pleasure of coming across one of Jacquelines adds. We agreed that she would come to my hotel for a VIP session and she definitely made me feel like a VIP! She came in discretely and put on a sexy outfit before setting up some music and arranging a few goodies for the evening. The massage was fantastic! She worked out a few trouble spots with impressive technique and firm pressure before things took a more sensual tone. Her body worship skills were like nothing I have ever felt before.. its amazing to let go and let yourself be the centre of attention sometimes. teasing, nibbling, she really uses ALL of her body and hits all the right places. Lingam massage, Russian, CBJ and CFS were all some of best ever! Yes, she looks like her pictures and yes they are real ;-) We ran well passed our allotted time and still finished with a hot shower inc. full body scrub with her own special blend followed by a refreshing application of Japanese mint oil afterward. HIGHLY recommend opting for the VIP package.

Hour Visit

Jacqueline Hyde

I should have written this review months ago after I had the sheer pleasure of meeting the lovely Jacqueline but for some reason, I wasnt sure if I should or if thats a thing to really do? Nevertheless, I would be remiss if I didnt tell you about this absolutely stunning lady. 

I am a mature gent and prefer to see a MP that is closer to my age than not. Now, having said that, Jacqueline is still much younger than I but for an MP to be closer to my age would really limit ones choices. 

Jacqueline really is all that. Gorgeous, sexy as hell, funny, personable, mischievous and just an absolute treat to be with. Her incall is extraordinary and tastefully decorated. She provides a real massage like no other. There were times when she was really working out the kinks that had me absolutely squirming. So if having a real massage is your thing, then by all means let her work her magic on you. As far as the extras are concerned, I dont think I need to go into them but I'll just say, WOW!! Jacqueline looks like a million bucks and is definately worth your time! Unfortunately, I havent had time to see the lovely lady again but I certainly will when opportunity permits.

Hour Visit

Jacqueline Hyde = WOW

I was having a terrible day yesterday and thought maybe a little tlc from a sp is what the doctor ordered.....Well i definitely picked the right doctor.. I have seen Jacquelines ads up a few times and was very curious but last night i seen she had an outcall special going on....All i can say is wow...She has an amazing personality and the massage was to die for. After the massage and play we went to the shower and she gave me a , i believe the name was sugar scrub which after made me feel amazing.... After the absolute shitty day Jacqueline made me for get about it all and it finished off great...I will definitely will be repeating with here. Honestly.....great breast and looks...but . and i never thought id say it about a sp, it was her personality....I swear she could do stand up comedy....i felt like she was my best friend just chatting. Only thing is she does everything safe so no bbbj which didn't bother me at all....I even felt so much safer after she left if that makes sense.. Hope this helps

Hour Visit

Jaqueline Hyde late review

I've met up with Jacqueline before when she was with a agency and finally got the chance to meet up with her again now that she is a independant. Her body  shes basically a firecracker in a small package amazing boobs and ass the right type of curves. I love that tattoo that runs up the side of her soo hot. Started off with a amazing massage where she worked out everything rubbing her body against mine and when she flipped me over gave me a amazing cbj that had me gripping at the bed I had to stop her so we could move onto the main event. Looking at that ass bent over  just amazing. Anyways she is a wonderful sp that actually cares that you have a good time. Well worth the visit.

Vip Hour

Great session with Jaqueline Hyde

I had the pleasure of seeing Jacqueline at Elite Retreat this weekend. When I first went in the room and saw I had Jaqueline., I must admit I wasn't certain I should go through with the session. Although she is a beautiful woman, she is a little bit older and more shapely than the girls I tend to see. By no means do I mean this in a bad way its just that I tend to prefer spinners hardly in their 20s. As soon as the massage started though, I was glad I stayed.

It was hands down the best massage I have received, she knew how to work every muscle, and clearly cared about what she did. Conversation flowed easily, and although it hurt at first, the deep tissue massage has me feeling better still days after we met!

When it came time for the finale, she did this teasing routine where she rubs, licks and tickles you from bottom to top which was just amazing. It was a sensory overload and just felt the incredible. It's hard to describe but it felt truly great. The main attraction was great and the scrub post session was a nice complement to the session.

The room was great, with a large table and a nice shower. I will absolutely repeat next time I am in town.

Hour Vip

Jacklin Hyde - Elite Retreat

So this is my first review on this board. I used to live in Ontario and have had experience in the MP scene in Toronto/Mississauga, so I had an idea of what to expect when I went to Elite Retreat a few weeks ago. Didn't have an appointment, so saw the three beautiful ladies, and settled on Jacklin for an hour.

Jacklin gives an amazing massage and if that was the end of it, it would have been great. She fixed an issue I had with my shoulder that had been bugging me for a few weeks. As I said, there's a sequence of events that you'd expect at a GTA MP: you get massaged, you massage girl, flip, slide, happiness. That changed when I asked when I got to show my skills, when she had me flip first and kaboom, her wonderful boobs all over my little friend. But it didn't end there, and after I was able to massage her, there was enough safe GFE to make things happen again. Excellent!! 

Overall, really nice curvy body, great head on her shoulders, killer hands for your back and other places. Would I repeat? Yes(!), but her schedule doesn't match well with mine. Thanks for an introduction into Elite Retreat and the Edmonton scene!

Hour Vip

Jacqueline Hyde - An Early Christmas Present

I had the absolute pleasure of spending time on the weekend with the lovely, talented and funny (makes her sound like a TV star but, seriously, she should have her own show) Miss Jaqueline Hyde. She is one of the most engaging and funny women I’ve met in this industry (just don’t ask her about Trump…lol). I opted for the full VIP hour which includes an amazingly therapeutic (and somewhat ouchie at times, but for good reasons) massage and body worship. Boys, let me tell you, she knows how to worship a body!! I so badly wanted to worship hers but she was doing such a great job with mine, it kind of got lost in my blissful haze. The soft, sensitive spots she found to caress, kiss and suck on me was an experience I’ve never had in all my life. It was like horny angels tap-dancing on my nakedness. Until this session, I didn’t know it was possible to feel soooo relaxed and soooo turned on at the same time. Needless to say, she took care of the latter with the same great enthusiasm and care as the former.

Thank you Jaqueline for a wonderful and unforgettable session. Maybe next time, and there will be a next time, I’ll get to return the body worship favor.

If you haven’t had the chance to see this amazing woman, put it on your list of things to do, especially with the stress associated with the upcoming holiday season. She will definitely bring Joy to your World, Jingle to your Bells, Come to Ye Faithful and Merry to your Christmas.


Hour Vip

Jaqueline Hyde

Sorry for the delay, I went to visit Jaqueline a couple months back for a 90 minute session. It had been some time since I've seen a sp and I'm happy I went to see ms Jax.

The whole experience was amazing and beyond relaxing. Her incall was easy to get to with lots of parking available. As soon as I saw her I knew I was in for a treat. She treated me to a great massage followed by an amazing body worship session. If you haven't tried it, you are missing out. The whole time she was just giving off so much sensual energy I could barely contain myself. Afterwards we had a nice conversation and a great shower/Scrub combo.

I'll have to come see her again soon! 

Sean the occasional hobbyist.