As a hobbyist, or client, there seems to be an awful lot of confusion about the legal standing of the escort/courtesan/body rub industry. The deal is this: you can legally have a professional provide non-sexual services.

-Selling Sex is legal.

-Soliciting in a place deemed 'public' isn't. 

-Buying sex never is.

What that means for you is that you are not to ask for sexually explicit services. If you'd like to book an appointment with someone, you ask for the fee for their time, period.



Please don't text ppl you don't know and ask for the price for 'Full Service' etc (acronyms and abbreviations don't protect you). You don't email these questions, and you certainly don't meet for a drink and ask in a public setting.

IF you have questions the basic rules are to meet the person and have your private conversation behind closed doors. Then it's deemed personal and you have a level of protection.



Every single day I get texts like this

"How much for bbbj?"

"Does this include sex?"

or a laundry list of elicit acronyms. All those are illegal and blatantly ignorant.

Cease and desist at the risk of arrest. I can't say it any more plainly.

In case you've been hiding under a rock or are just averse to the news, This is a continual reality. It does us no good to ignore the truth


Incall vs Outcall-

Incalls- We host you

Outcall- We come to you. (I have a minimum 2 hour requirement for outcall, advance booked)


Licensed providers-

The city of Edmonton requires us to be licensed. The reason for this is to ensure that industry workers aren't coerced, trafficked or underage and that it's a choice we made of our own free will. Sadly, pimps and traffickers are active and their numbers are growing. Often, a pimped girl will appear either detached or agitated, many are under age, and those with very few service restrictions are a red flag, as are bargain rates. Please don't exploit those who cannot protect themselves. Don't be 'that guy'.


The Difference between Sex Slavery and Professional Escorts is Choice, consent, and boundaries


Service limitations-

We all have them. Please do your research on who you choose to see, IE) read reviews, as opposed to putting things in print such as text/email when approaching an unknown idividual. And Please, for your own sake, do not specifically request a service and a rate for it.


The Reference Request

A lot of us request them. To GET a reference, I suggest seeing a lady at a massage parlour. Ask in the pre-face to your session if she's willing to provide one, and get her contact info to give to any Independent provider who may require one to book an appointment with you. It's a way for us to know you've secured services with another lady and been respectful, and behaved like a gentleman. There is a subsection to this one with a list of providers and links to their subsequent spa's schedules to further aid you. 


Escorts, Courtesans, Companions, Call Girls, Body Rub Practitioners, regardless of title, we do strive to please you. That said, it behooves you to learn the ropes of the industry so you can navigate safely as a client. Things do change, and when change comes I'll do my best to keep you informed. 

Until then,

Be well, be safe and I hope to see you soon!

Miss Jax



How To Secure A Reference


The reasons we request them should be obvious, but some people still have a suspicion about them. Being that clients rarely see the world through our eyes, I'll try to help. It's not simply a matter of whether a client can be counted on to respect the appointment time, its also: Robbery, Assault, Sexual Assault, Murder, Exploitation, Extortion, Competitor Sabotage, and Bylaw interference.

The average person doesn't have to consider these things, daily. For us it's second nature.


Actually getting a reference tells us several things about you.

You respect our requests and empathize with our position.

You aren't a troll using a text app to book an appointment you won't show up for.

You have successfully visited another SP, and they weren't harmed or harassed.

Not all Independent Escorts require a reference, but a great many do, so

securing one will literally expand your options.


The answer to the dilemma of how to get a golden ticket is Massage Parlours


Here's a list of trustworthy and well reviewed Providers to get you off .....and running



Kalista Grace




Kimberly Valentina



Star Taylor


Shannon Sweet

Aria Rose


Nya Capone

Dawn Skye

Luxx Lavendar

Kenlie Blake



Don't feel dejected if you need to get a reference before seeing a girl who's been

on your mind. Each of these lovelies has their own appeal, menu and personality.

You WILL have a good time on your way to booking with your ideal Indy.

* NOTE- When seeing any of these girls, please be sure to confirm they don't mind providing a reference, and secure their contact info. Also, a nickname, cell number, or email to identify you is absolutely essential. I can't count the number of Joes, Justins, Mikes and Daves I've met. 

Its not helpful unless they know exactly who they're referencing :)

I truly hope this helps you!



If you've made it this far, Kudos! A few fine points, treat us with some consideration and really you'll already be ahead of the curve. 


Say Hello,

give your first name,

know the rates that you can work with,

read our restrictions,

if you need further clarification peruse our reviews.

Tell us when you'd like to visit, and for how long,

be timely.

If you're running behind, communicate it.

If you need to raincheck, let us know as early as you can so we can possibly fill the spot.

Don't assume being early will be good for us

Give a reference (and caf handle if you can)

Be hygeinic

Be polite

Extend the donation after your initial greeting

Remember each of us is unique, relax and allow us to lead



be rude, crude or coarse (that includes sending "???")

demand or request services listed in our restrictions

send nude photos or videos

request extra photos

negotiate rates, haggle or shortchange

text outside the posted schedule

be late/no show

be abusive in any context

think we wont report assault or harassment to the authorities

use saliva as lubricant

The very narrow minded views put forth by media, religious groups, feminists, scorned women and perpetuated by the misogyny of our culture would have you believe that our paths are walked by uneducated, desperate people who are either mentally challenged, emotionally inept or carry addictions. The desperation implied by these false claims sometimes emboldens a segment of society who revel in exploiting those seen as silent victims. I've known hundreds of escorts and courtesans, and I can solemnly vow to you that the 1 thing we all have in common is we are not silent. We aren't even quiet. Please understand that as with every group of individuals, there are no 2 who are the same, and proceed accordingly. 









Jax Hyde