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Wednesday-Sunday 5 PM - Midnight 

I accept booking requests after 2 pm daily

You can reach me by text at


Please take a moment to read my website prior to contacting me. I’m both well reviewed (on cafreviews.com) and respected as a reliable and consistent companion.

I’m an exclusive courtesan, as such I prefer quality in clientele over quantity and priority is given to those who provide polite and complete screening information.

I don’t guarantee any specific services (ymmv) as both chemistry and attitude dictate how our time will be spent. I do enjoy my chosen field and see only those who appreciate the value of polite communication. I won’t reply to vague, or uncouth messages. The beauty of this industry is in the unique experiences each of us has to offer.

When texting, please introduce yourself, and have an idea of your preferred length and time of visit.

Email: jaxhyde@protonmail.com

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